Keisha's Kozy Corner

Welcome to Keisha’s Kozy Corner. We are a child care center located at 5815 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia PA. We designed our classrooms to enhance our belief in cognitive learning. We maintain a safe and secure environment for the well-being of all children. There is space for active children as well as for a wide variety of materials and equipment. Children need space to build towers, paint trees, create farms, read stories, pretend to be adults, socialize, and display their masterpieces. At Keisha’s Kozy Corner, we give them that and more!

Keisha's Kozy Corner - Child Care Center
Kieshas Kozy Corner - Child Care in Germantown Ave, Philadelphia PA

Art Area

The art area has equipment that children use to create and also to represent the world around them. Paint, crayons, markers, and Play-doh, let children develop fine motor skills, as well as cognitive ones. As they mix, stir, cut, roll, and glue, they begin to observe change and how they are able to affect the world. Experimenting in the art area becomes as valuable as creating a finished work.

Block Area

The block area is spacious and well supplied. Any good block castle needs space to grow up and space to grow out. Children learn to deal with spatial problems, notice shape similarities and differences, create various patterns, and make-believe using toy people and animals within their created structures. Many cognitive and social experiences are the healthy result of the block area.

Dramatic Play Area

Children use the house area for make-believe and role-playing. When a child pretends to cook, play house, or dress like an adult, it helps him or her gain a better understanding of the adult world. This area provides the opportunity for children to work together, express feelings, explore new ideas, and use language to communicate.

Quiet Area

This area has books, puzzles, manipulative materials and games. We provide children the opportunity to develop fine motor skills by stringing beads, doing puzzles, and building with Legos. They also learn by playing with board games, dominoes, and shaped toys.

Keisha's Kozy Corner - ChildCare Services

Child Care Services Provided

  • Infant day care
  • Toddler day care
  • Preschool care
  • Before & after school care
  • Summer care
  • Field trips
  • Outdoor play area
  • Nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snacks
  • Open 6:00 AM – 6:30 PM
  • Open 50 weeks per year
  • Closed major holidays only
  • City & State licensed
  • All subsidies accepted
  • Convenient location (Germantown Ave)
  • Accessible to public transportation
  • Drop-off parking available
  • Secure facility
  • Theme based learning
  • Partnerships with parents
  • Family / Parent resource information
  • Creative curriculum
  • Strong focus on self-esteem
  • Development assessment
  • Professionally trained staff
  • On-going staff training
  • CPR and First Aid certified
Keisha's Kozy Corner

Come by for a visit

We welcome parents to come by our child care facility to learn more about us. We’re always available to answer your questions and address any concerns that you may have.