Keisha's Kozy Corner
Keisha's Kozy Corner

About Us

Established 2008 started as a Family Daycare (home-based) establishment and expanded to a center-based facility 2013. We believe that your child’s educational, social, physical, and emotional development is very important. That is why we focus on every aspect of your child. We believe that a strong partnership between parent, child and staff is vital to the learning process. Our staff is well trained and experienced with educating children of all ages. They are completely dedicated to you and your child/children.

Our curriculum is specifically designed to encourage children to be well rounded and prepared for a bright future. We educate in a variety of ways including language arts, reading, computer labs, science, and math from the earliest possible moments. We offer a unique environment for children ages 2 months through 12yrs. Our programs are year round and designed to develop methods of physical, social-emotional, cognitive, exploration, reading and math readiness.

We offer an elaborate outdoor playground designed to promote gross motor skill development and large muscle activities. Our program is filled with stimulating themes where children learn as they play. There is a computer in each classroom to teach children basic skills to begin their journey of learning technology. Summer at Keisha’s Kozy Corner brings the children outdoors to enjoy water play, organized sports, trips, nature study and special picnics and barbecues.    

Keisha's Kozy Corner

Our staff

Each child, from infant to pre-kindergarten goes through constant developmental change, and is also developmentally unique. There is not one mold that fits all children. Our teachers and caregivers don’t maneuver children to fit into preconceived roles, but view children as contributing members who shape their own experiences and learning opportunities.

Staff Qualification

All classroom teachers are state certified
Teacher’s Assistants have at least two years of childcare experience
All staff get 24 hours of continuing education per year
There is year-round on-site training and evaluations

Staff Screening

Character References
Child Abuse Record Check
Criminal Record Check
Health Appraisal,T.B. Screening
FBI Fingerprint Check

All Staff Receive

First Aid Training
C.P.R. Training
Fire Safety Education

Interested in working with us? Please visit our careers section.